Camping At Center Parcs (Tents, Caravans & Campers)

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Center Parcs is a holiday company with sites across the UK and Europe. As the branches of Center Parcs are based in expansive woodland, many assume that you might be able to save on the cost of a trip to the resort by camping.

Sadly, you can not take tents or touring caravans to Center Parcs. Camping is not permitted in any of the Center Parcs villages in the UK and instead, you’ll need to stay in the dedicated Center Parcs accommodation which comes in the form of lodges or apartments.

In this post, we’ll be sharing insider secrets as to why you can’t take tents and touring caravans to Center Parcs, what happens if you do, and the alternatives to consider instead.

Can You Take Your Own Caravan To Center Parcs?

Sadly, you can’t take a caravan to Center Parcs. Everyone who enters the resort will pass through security, at which point you’ll be turned around and asked to leave if you’re hitching a caravan.

There’s no space in the car park for a car towing a caravan or a single caravan nor is it safe to drive to your lodge while towing a caravan. This is for the safety and security of yourself and other guests.

Can You Pitch A Tent At Center Parcs?

Unfortunately, Center Parcs do not permit camping in tents in any of their villages.

There’s no space anywhere to pitch a tent at Center Parcs, and you will not be able to enter the grounds without a lodge reservation or a Center Parcs day pass..

If you’re seen to be pitching a tent you’ll be asked to take it down, and potentially leave as it harms the wildlife surroundings of the village.

Can You Take A Motorhome To Center Parcs?

While camping is not permitted at any of the resorts, you may be allowed to arrive in a motorhome, this is at the discrepancy of the manager of the resort. This can be for the day to visit family or if you are planning on staying within one of the lodges.

You may need to speak to one of the team at Center Parcs to clarify that your vehicle is a motorhome.

Be aware that you may have to check the height of your vehicle for barrier and security purposes. Your motorhome can not be parked outside the lodge and must remain in the car park along with the other cars.

Pro Tip: While you can’t save money at Center Parcs by camping or bringing your motorhome you can pack and prepare to avoid spending uncesserily, using money saving techniques or opt for free activities as a way of getting the Center Parcs experience without the cost.

You are not permitted to be sleeping in your motorhome or staying in it during your stay at Center Parcs. If you are caught using your motorhome to sleep and stay in you may be asked to leave.

Alternatives To Camping At Center Parcs

If you’re still wanting to go to Center Parcs then the alternative to camping is either;

  • Purchasing a day pass
  • Staying in alternative accommodation nearby
  • Staying in a lodge at Center Parcs

If you’re looking to camp at Center Parcs because the lodges seem too expensive then consider looking at alternative dates, or alternative Center Parcs locations, or alternatives to Center Parcs altogether.

Alternatively, you could look to visit an alternative to Center Parcs altogether which permits camping. There aren’t many resorts specifically that offer the Center Parcs vibe while permitting you to camp.

Instead, you’ll likely want to visit PitchUp and look for a campsite that has a large open feel to it.

Depending on what you’re wanting from a Center Parcs holiday this could either include or be nearby facilities for additional activities and entertainment such as rock climbing, swimming and pottery painting.


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