Center Parcs WiFi (Availability, Speed & Price)

WiFi is available across every Center Parcs village for free. This includes all Center Parcs lodges, restaurants, cafes and bars.

Connecting to the WiFi at Center Parcs is easy. The network is open and doesn’t require a password. Once connected to the WiFi, you’ll be redirected to a browser where you can confirm the usage terms and conditions.

Once confirmed, you’ll have access to the internet on your device for the duration of your visit. However, you’ll need to repeat this process for all devices.

I’ve used the internet at three Center Parcs villages: Sherwood, Whinfell & Woburn. I’ve never had trouble connecting to the internet or outages during my visits.

However, because Center Parcs is in the forest, slow internet speeds are typical. On my latest trip to Center Parcs at Sherwood Forest, my average download speeds were 5.5 Mbps. While my upload speeds were 3.75 Mbps.

While the screenshot shows the location as Dublin, this is only where the internet server is located. I took both of these screenshots at Center Parcs Sherwood Forest. I found the speeds at both Whinfell & Woburn to be very similar.

There are some restrictions when using the WiFi at Center Parcs. However, they have never interfered with anything I’ve wanted to do. I’ve always had access to major services such as:

  • Emails
  • Netflix
  • NowTV
  • Amazon Prime
  • Zoom

The TVs inside the Center Parcs lodges are not Smart TVs. As a result, the TVs do not have internet connectivity, and the range of channels is limited. However, you can use an Amazon Firestick or Chromecast device with the Center Parcs TVs.


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We took a Chromecast to Center Parcs Sherwood Forest in 2019 when we visited on our honeymoon. The Game of Thrones series finale was on the same weekend, and we didn’t want to miss it. So, we grabbed some firelogs, ordered a takeaway and had an incredible night-in.

Since the internet at Center Parcs is slow. You may experience buffering when streaming live TV. I therefore recommend downloading shows at home, in advance where possible.


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  1. This is helpful as I am considering booking a break next year but will need to log on to do work for 1 of the days.