Center Parcs Evening Entertainment – What You Need To Know!

Center Parcs is a fun-filled action-packed holiday if you want it to be. There are a number of activities and things to do during the day but not as many at night.

While you might not feel like going out most nights, you might want to have at least one evening doing something other than falling asleep on the sofa.

While there are some activities that lead into the evening, there is no dedicated evening entertainment at Center Parcs. During our evenings at Center Parcs, we often head out on a woodland walk, go swimming or go for dinner at one of the on-site restaurants.

Center Parcs unlike some of its similar alternatives, does not offer any specialised evening entertainment.

There are still a number of things you can do in an evening at Center Parcs. Some of these will vary depending on your chosen location and if they offer this activity. You can also create your own entertainment depending on how you feel and what you like to do, your children’s sleeping schedule and more.

Center Parcs lodges do not include any board games or activities and while there is a TV it’s relatively dated and therefore does not feature any of the latest Smart TV technology. As such we recommend adding games, books and even a Roku or Chromecast to your Center Parcs packing list to help keep everyone entertained.

1. Swimming

The subtropical swimming paradise is probably the most popular activity at Center Parcs with so much to do including all the slides and rides and spa pools for adults.

The swimming pool is open from 10am to 9pm every day so there is plenty of time to get in and have an evening swim. Swimming in the evening is one of the best times to go as it is much quieter so you can have more space and get on all the slides without waiting.

2. Woodland Walk

A woodland walk at dust is the perfect way to spend an evening whether it be alone, as a couple or as a family.

There’s a signposted path at each of the Center Parcs in the UK that takes you off the main road and into the woodland. The path should be clear to follow but maybe rugged at times with had stones and tree branches.

During our most recent woodland walk at Center Parcs, we had the pleasure of seeing a variety of flowers, squirrels, pheasants and little rabbits. We even stumbled upon a den made from sticks and branches.

Put a packing list for Center Parcs together in advance to ensure you don’t forget woodland walking essentials such as a torch, walking boots as well as gloves and a scarf if you’re visiting in the wintertime.

This was a completely free activity that we did ourselves and we all enjoyed it. You can go as late as you like but remember to take a couple of torches to help you find your way back once the sun sets.

3. Go Out For Dinner

There are a number of restaurants and bar areas where you can go and enjoy a drink before calling it a night and heading back to your lodge.

On average the restaurants at Center Parcs close at 10 pm, this may change depending on the location you are staying at and the time of year. Some of the locations may have special offers on cocktails or a happy hour style promotion you can take advantage of during your stay.

While this may seem not very late for some people, it is for the guests as Center Parcs as not many go to Center Parcs with the intention of staying out late or spending much of their time in the bar.

Center Parcs can be a very physical holiday and many choose to spend their evenings at their lodge snuggled by the log fire.

4. Head To The Spa

There is an evening treatment at Aqua Sana for 2 people, it runs from 4 pm to 9 pm and can be booked through the website or through your Center Parcs booking area.

The session is called Twilight Taster for 2 and starts at a cost of £55 per person. This is perfect for couples who are looking at having a romantic getaway to Center Parcs or just to relax and recharge their batteries.

5. Go Cycling

Cycling is a fantastic way of getting around the Center Parcs resort. All five of the UK locations span more than 4 acres, so there’s certainly a lot to explore and thanks to well-lit pathways you can do this during the day or at night.

All bikes hired at Center Parcs also come with a light on both the front and back to allow you to be seen by any walkers or cyclists who might also be out at the same time.

6. Go Bowling

One activity that does go on into the evening is the bowling which can be booked for sessions up until 10pm.

We’ve visited three of the five different Center Parcs in the UK, and currently, all of them only have two lanes of bowling available.

As a result, this activity does get booked up relatively quickly. This is especially true for evenings with people looking for activities to keep the family entertained.


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  1. Keith Burke says:

    This place sounds so boring, no evening entertainment – what a joke for the price you pay.