Center Parcs Evening Entertainment – What You Need To Know!

Center Parcs is a fun-filled action-packed holiday if you want it to be. There are a number of activities and things to do during the day but not as much at night. While you might not feel like going out most of the nights, you might want to have at least one evening doing something other than falling asleep on the sofa.

While there are some activities that lead into the evening, there is no dedicated evening entertainment at Center Parcs. Some of the activities are swimming, children’s disco, Twilight Taster at Aqua Sana or bowling. There is also use of the restaurants and bar areas that are open until 10 pm.

Center Parcs unlike some of its similar alternatives, do not offer any specialised evening entertainment. There are places to go and enjoy a drink after your meal or even have a dance with your children at the Disco but there are no shows.

Things To Do In The Evening At Center Parcs

There are still a number of things you can do in an evening at Center Parcs. Some of these will vary depending on your chosen location and if they offer this activity.

You can also create your own entertainment depending on how you feel and what you like to do, children’s sleeping schedule and more.

1. Nature Walk at Dusk

Center Parcs have a great activity in which you can take part in which is a nature walk at dusk (they also have one at dawn for those early risers).

This is a great family activity for anyone who loves nature and finding some of the villages furry residents. The walk lasts 1 hour 30 minutes so plenty of time to explore the village and the hidden creatures.

2. Ten Pin Bowling

Everybody loves a competitive family game of bowling right? Bowling is one of the most popular evening activities at Center Parcs and can often get booked up fast during peak times.

We booked to play a game on our very first visit and had a slushy and some snacks during our game. While the space wasn’t huge (Sherwood Forest) it was super fun and was a nice change from just snuggling up in our lodge.

You can book all activities include bowing on the Center Parcs website or book at guest services when you arrive.

3. Children’s Disco

One of the most popular free activities at Center Parcs is the children’s disco. It runs from 6.30pm/ 7pm until 8pm at the Leisure Bowl.

Times may vary depending on the location in which you are visiting and time of the year, peak hours may change. You can check with a member of staff or at guest services for more accurate times.

There is also a family disco that runs from 8pm until 9pm, this may be more suitable for the older children who aren’t quite tired enough to go to bed.

4. Swimming

The subtropical swimming paradise is probably the most popular activity at Center Parcs with so much to do including all the slides and rides and spa pools for adults.

The swimming pool is open from 10am to 9pm every day so there is plenty of time to get in and have an evening swim.

Swimming in the evening is one of the best times to go as it is much quieter so you can have more space and get on all the slides without waiting.

5. Woodland Walk

My ultimate favourite thing we did on our latest trip to Center Parcs was take the kids off for a woodland walk. We found a signposted path that took you off the main road and into the woodland. The path was clear to follow but was rugged and had stones, tree branches and was a little muddy.

We put on our walking boots and went off into the woodland to explore the hidden parts of the wood. We started our walk around 6.30 pm in September so the sun was still out but quickly disappeared once we got deeper into the woodland.

We saw different types of flowers, squirrels and little rabbits on our walk. We even stumbled upon a den made from sticks and branches (it is an activity you can book to learn how to make them at Center Parcs).

This was a completely free activity that we did ourselves and we all enjoyed it. You can go as late as you like but remember to take a couple of torches to help you find your way back once the sunsets.

6. Have A Move Night

Another great activity that can be completely free is having a movie night. With many people who visit Center Parcs coming with children may find the nights in easier as everyone can be tired from a day filled of fun.

A great way to settle down and have a snugly night in is with a film and some sweet treats. you can bring your own from home on DVD to use the DVD player or you can hire them from the ParcMarket.

You can also find chocolate dipping kits you can place on the BBQ and dip in fruit or marshmallows for extra fun. You can find them in the ParcMarket.

7. Play Board Games

While we didn’t plan our evenings or planned if we would go out to the Disco or just stay at the lodge, we did take some board games to play.

We took the traditional Monopoly and a couple of different games we had at home. They took up little space in car so we didn’t mind having them to hand in case we wanted to create our own entertainment on an evening.

Alternatively, you can take something like colouring books or some of your children’s toys to play with on an evening while you chill out after a busy day.

Is There An Evening Spa At Centre Parcs?

There is an evening treatment at Aqua Sana for 2 people, it runs from 4 pm to 9 pm and can be booked through the website or through your Center Parcs booking area.

The session is called Twilight Taster for 2 and starts at a cost of £55 per person. This is perfect for couples who are looking at having a romantic getaway to Center Parcs or just to relax and recharge their batteries.

Prices may vary depending on the village and day of the week you wish to book.

Is There A Children’s Disco At Center Parcs?

There is a children’s disco that is located in the Leisure Bowl and runs from 7pm to 8pm.

It is usually located at a bar area next to the bowling alley so if you have any older children they could go bowling while your younger ones go to the disco. There is also some seating around for anyone who needs or wants to sit down.

What Time Do The Restaurants Close At Center Parcs?

There are a number of restaurants and bar areas where you can go and enjoy a drink before calling it a night and heading back to your lodge.

On average the restaurants at Center Parcs close at 10 pm, this may change depending on the location you are staying at and the time of year. Some of the locations may have special offers on cocktails or a happy hour style promotion you can take advantage of during your stay.

While this may seem not very late for some people, it is for the guests as Center Parcs as not many go to Center Parcs with the intention of staying out late or spending much of their time in the bar. Center Parcs can be a very physical holiday and many choose to spend their evenings at their lodge snuggled by the log fire.

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