Center Parcs At Christmas – What You Need To Know!

Center Parcs is a fantastic holiday location in which you can stay in an apartment, holiday lodge or treehouse and experience some of natures most delightful offerings. Surrounded by woodland and situated near a lake, all of the resorts are incredible year-round.

However, there’s something to be said for making a trip to Center Parcs even more magical by visiting over Christmas.

Christmas at Center Parcs is a truly magical experience with unique activities and entertainment over the festive period. However, you’ll find that accommodation is significantly more expensive during this time.

However, if you’re on a budget or more interested in doing some of the activities instead (such as a segway ride and pedalo rental) then you may be better going on the run-up to Christmas rather than over Christmas day specifically.

Center Parcs resorts across Europe are all open year-round, so when I discuss Christmas here I’m talking about a visit to the resort over Christmas Day specifically rather than just the winter months and lead up to Christmas in general (as the difference between the two in both what’s open and available and the cost is rather different).

How Much Does It Cost To Go To Center Parcs At Christmas

I’ve covered this previously in some of the other Center Parcs articles and I suggest reading them in more depth if you have the time and are interested in more of the specifics of saving money on a trip to Center Parcs. As a general rule Christmas is the most expensive time to visit the resort.

You can save up to 60% by visiting at off-peak times of the year (outside of the school holidays specifically) when compared to Christmas. Therefore, be sure you have the budget and know the extra price you’re paying for visiting Center Parcs over Christmas.

For example, Monday to Sunday over Christmas at Center Parcs in Sherwood Forest costs £1,278 (£213 per night) for two people staying in a 1 bedroom Executive Lodge.

Meanwhile, if those same two people looked to stay Monday to Friday six weeks earlier then the cost would be just £549 when staying in the exact same accommodation at the exact same resort.

You’ll find the difference in price increases alongside the cost of the accommodation (for example if you’re booking for 5 people and looking to stay in a 3 bedroom then the difference will be around £1,000 as the cost of the accommodation over Christmas around £1,800 compared to the circa £750 at other times during the year).

While nothing else changes in price during your visit to Center Parcs at Christmas, this increase in cost does take away from additional money which could be put towards activities and entertainment which in my opinion is the best thing about Center Parcs as a whole. Though there are a variety of things you can do for free at Center Parcs.

Is The Swimming Pool At Center Parcs Open On Christmas Day?

Good news for swimming fans. The swimming pools are often open at Center Parcs on Christmas Day. This is subject to change so it’s always worth checking with the specific resort location you’re booking with prior to making the booking.

There may also be reduced opening times so again, be sure to ask before booking if this is something you definitely want to experience on Christmas Day when visiting Center Parcs.

The swimming pools are all usually open on Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve and New Years Day. Again, there may be reduced hours and this is subject to change so again, it’s worth checking with the specific resort prior to booking.

Are The Restaurants At Center Parcs Open On Christmas Day?

Unsurprisingly all of the restaurants at Center Parcs open on Christmas Day and often offer Christmas Day lunch (some also offer breakfast).

Booking ahead is imperative when looking to eat at a restaurant on Christmas Day when visiting Center Parcs. Luckily, this can be done from the activities area of your booking once your booking is complete (the activities portal opens 60 days prior to the check-in date).

You’ll find that the price of Christmas Dinner at Center Parcs usually runs at around £60 per head.

Again, this is a premium when compared to a regular meal out when visiting the resort however, this increase is in line with other pubs and restaurants that offer the same service on Christmas Day.

Of course, you can opt to have Christmas Dinner in your lodge or apartment. There’s an on-site supermarket with everything you could need however, I would recommend planning and preparing ahead to ensure you have packed everything you might need before the big day.

Though make sure you check what is included in a Center Parcs lodge especially if you plan to make a traditional Christmas dinner as it may require more than what is provided.

Are Activities Available At Center Parcs On Christmas Day?

Some activities are available on Christmas Day for guests staying at Center Parcs, however, this is often a reduced amount compared to the usual catalogue available. I’ve personally found the majority of activities available are self-serve activities.

This allows the majority of the staff who would usually assist, supervise and advise on activities to take the day off (which is totally fair).

These activities include things such as; Tennis, Badminton, Bowling etc.

Again, each resort is different and the activities do seem to change depending on the demand so again, if you’re looking to do something specific on Christmas Day specifically then I suggest contacting Center Parcs in advance to ensure it’s available.

Alternatively, you should be able to book all activities available during your stay 60 days before your check-in date by using your activities portal on the Center Parcs website. This also applies to Center Parcs bikes hired from the cycle centre.


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