Travelling From Phuket Airport to Patong (Quickest & Cheapest!)

The famous tourist region of Patong is 40km from Phuket Airport. There are three ways you can travel from Phuket Airport to Patong

  1. Airport Bus
  2. Taxi
  3. Airport Limousine

The cheapest way to travel from Phuket Airport to Patong is on the Airport Bus at a cost of 100THB per person. These buses run daily at least once an hour from 9:00 am until 10:30 pm.

However, a taxi or minibus is a good alternative if you’re travelling as a large group or arriving late at night.

Airport Bus

⏱️ Time: 90 minutes
💵 Cost: 100 baht

The best way to get from Phuket International Airport to Patong is on the Airport Bus. This bus service is operated by Phuket Smart Bus and travels from the airport to:

  • Surin
  • Patong
  • Kata
  • Karon
  • Rawai

The bus runs between Phuket Airport and Patong at least once an hour between 9:00 am and 10:30 pm daily. The full timetable is available in English on the Phuket Smart Bus website.

Regardless of whether you get off the bus in Patong or further along the route in Kata or Karon. The cost of the bus journey is 100 THB per person.

You can only buy a bus ticket for the Phuket Smart Bus from the bus driver, either in cash or via a QR code. You cannot buy tickets online or at any ticket counter.

Where you catch the Airport Bus will depend on the Phuket Airport Terminal you arrive at.

For International Arrivals:

  1. Walk to G floor.
  2. Turn left to exit 6.
  3. Follow the signs for domestic terminal exit 3.
  4. The bus will stop opposite café Amazon.

For Domestic Arrivals:

  1. Walk to exit 3 and turn left.
  2. The bus will stop opposite café Amazon.

The Phuket Smart Bus is a light blue and white colour with extensive graphics on the front and the side. It’s hard to miss!


⏱️ Time: 1 hour
💵 Cost: 700 baht – 900 baht

A taxi from Phuket Airport to Patong costs between 700 THB and 900 THB (including the 100 THB Airport fee). However, this high price, when compared to the bus, may be worth it if:

  • You’re travelling as a family
  • You’re travelling as a group
  • You don’t want to wait around for the bus
  • You want to travel in comfort
  • Want to be dropped off directly outside your accommodation in Patong

The taxi rank is well-signposted inside all three terminals at Phuket International Airport. Make sure you go to this official pick-up point for an official taxi.

People may come up to you inside the airport terminal offering to take you to your destination for a ‘good price’. These are unlicensed taxi drivers and should not carry passengers.

As you go to get in the taxi from the taxi rank, the driver will ask where you’re going. They may then offer you a fixed price. In this case, you have two options:

  1. Negotiate the price with the taxi driver. It should be somewhere in the region of 700 THB to 900 THB.
  2. Ask the taxi driver to use the meter.

Phuket Council regulates the meter of all licenced taxis. The current metered rate in Phuket is 42.5 THB base fare plus 35 THB per KM. In the case of pick-ups from Phuket Airport, there is also an additional 100 THB Airport Fee.

Rideshare services Bolt and Grab can drop passengers off at Phuket International Airport. However, rideshare services can not pick passengers up from the airport.

Airport Limousine

⏱️ Time: 1 hour
💵 Cost: 900 baht – 1,100 baht
💻 Reserve Airport Limousine: Omio

If you want to be as comfortable as possible when travelling from Phuket Airport to Patong, book an Airport Limousine.

Airport Limousines aren’t limousines as you or I would think of them. Instead, they are modern, clean, comfortable cars. There are two ways in which you can book an Airport Limousine:

  1. Reserve Online: The driver will then meet you at the airport with your name on a sign. This is slightly more expensive than going to the counter upon your arrival.
  2. Airport Limousine Counter: Located on the ground floor of the airport terminal.

An Airport Limousine from Phuket Airport to Patong Beach costs between 900 THB and 1,100.

The exact price usually depends on the vehicle size or number of passengers. Solo travellers and couples should expect to pay 900 THB. Meanwhile, 5+ passengers or those looking for a van should expect to pay closer to 1,100 THB.


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