Rental Car vs Uber in Miami – Which Is Better & Cheaper?

I travelled to Miami for the first time last year, and one of the biggest decisions I had to make was whether to rent a car or use Uber to get around the city.

The cost of hiring a car in Miami is lower than elsewhere in the US, and the city is very drivable. However, parking can be expensive, especially in South Beach. So, is it worth it?

No. I don’t think hiring a car in Miami is worth it. I recommend taking Uber to get around the city instead, and there are a few reasons why.

  1. Parking in Miami can be difficult, especially in Downtown or South Beach.
  2. Limited parking spaces mean that parking in Miami can be expensive. Expect to pay to park the car at your accommodation and again at tourist attractions around the city.
  3. There are a lot of Uber and Lyft rides available, which means you never have to wait long for a ride.
  4. Miami is a very compact city. So if you can’t walk somewhere, the maximum time you’ll be in the car is 20 minutes.

I spent three nights in Miami, where I spent $83.06 on Uber and Lyft.

This includes:

  • From Miami Airport to my hotel, Loews Miami Beach on South Beach.
  • From my hotel, Loews Miami Beach on South Beach, to Miami Cruise Terminal
  • From Miami Cruise Terminal to Miami Airport

It also includes travelling from my hotel on South Beach to Wynwood Walls. Then from Wynwood Walls to Little Havana, and from Little Havana back to my hotel on South Beach.

My most expensive Uber ride was from Miami Airport to South Beach, which cost $32.52 with a $5 tip. Meanwhile, my cheapest ride was from Wynwood Walls to Little Havana, which cost $8.75 with a $2.00 tip.

While hiring a car would have provided me with more flexibility, I feel the frustration of parking would have taken away from this. Plus, I really don’t think there’s any way I’d have spent less than $83.06 by renting a car.


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