Center Parcs Day Pass – Everything You Need To Know!

Center Parcs is a popular family destination in the UK perfect for outdoor activities and nature spotting. It is extremely popular with families looking to try new activities, go swimming and stay in comfortable lodge-style accommodation.

However, you can get a day pass to visit Center Parcs. A day pass allows you to spend one day at the resort (between 10am and midnight).

The only activity included in the cost of a Center Parcs day pass is the swimming pool. Additional activities can be booked but these will incur an additional fee.

With the cost of a day pass being in excess of £40 per adult, it’s unsurprising that this isn’t something we believe to be good value for money. Instead, we’d recommend booking to spend either a long weekend or a midweek break at Center Parcs instead.

How Much Is A Center Parcs Day Pass?

You can only book a Center Parcs day pass on top of an existing booking.

As a result Center Parcs day pass is aimed at extended family or friends that live locally and are looking to spend the day with you. It is a perfect way to see friends and family while being away on holiday.

The price of a Center Parcs day pass varies depending on the age group;

  • 3 and under – Free
  • Under 12 – £31.50
  • 12+ – £41.50
  • Group of 4 (must include 1 Adult) – £136

What Does A Center Parcs Day Pass Include?

A Center Parcs day pass includes the use of the village facilities such as the dining options, take part in the activities and even use the swimming pool.

You can book activities on your friends/family’s booking such as archery, treetop adventures and more.

Parking is available though you will not be permitted to drive to and from a lodge and will be required to leave your car in the main car park.

Top Tip: Take a picture of your car and the neighbouring cars along with the letter/number of the row you are on. That way you can easily find your car when you come to leave.

If you are leaving at dark make sure you pack a phone with a light or torch so you can locate your car in the dark. (there is minimal lighting but it is handy to have an added light).

Bikes are a popular way of exploring the Center Parcs village and getting from a lodge to the various activity centres quickly and easily.

However, bikes are not included in your day pass price. Instead, you’ll need to bring one to Center Parcs with you or hire one – although personally for just one day I don’t think it’s worth it.

Can You Visit The Aqua Sana Spa With A Center Parcs Day Pass?

You do not need a Center Parcs day pass or an overnight booking at Center Parcs in order to visit the Aqua Sana spa.

Instead, you can book to visit the spa directly using the Aqua Sana website.

However, guests are expected to arrive promptly before their spa session and leave shortly after – as per the terms and conditions of the spa booking.

This makes the Aqua Sana spa a great alternative to the Center Parcs day pass if you’re simply looking for some relaxation and pampering.

Is The Center Parcs Day Pass Worth Buying?

The day pass is only worth buying if you don’t have any spare beds within your lodge(s) and you wish to meet friends or family for the day.

The Center Parcs day pass is great if you are visiting a village near family and are looking to spend a day together. The extended family can there book a day pass and spend the day with you and even enjoy an evening meal.

If you have a spare bed within your lodge the person visiting for the day can still come for the day but can be put down as the guest for that spare bed. That way you don’t have to buy the ticket for the day and incur an extra charge.

Can Day Pass Guests Stay Overnight?

Guests with a Center Parcs day pass are not permitted to stay overnight and instead will need to leave by midnight as per the terms and conditions of the pass.

The idea of a Center Parcs day pass is that friends and family could come to visit while you are spending a couple of nights at the resort, and as such, the day pass is booked on top of an existing Center Parcs lodge booking – much like you would book a traditional Center Parcs activity.

Therefore in some cases, it may be worthwhile looking at adding guests to your overnight booking instead of buying day passes and while this may result in you upgrading to a larger lodge to accommodate, the additional costs may be offset by the cost of the day passes and the flexibility of friends and family being able to stay over if you/they wish to do so.

How Can Book A Center Parcs Day Pass?

To enable you to book a Center Parcs day pass you will need the booking reference of your friends or family that are already staying there. You will also need the booking reference for your party when you arrive at Center Parcs.

Alternatively, they can add your day pass to their booking through the app, by phone or online.

To book online you can go to My Booking and find the Book Things To Do.

Alternatively, if you wish to book separately you can follow this link to book a Center Parcs Day Pass. Upon booking there are limited spaces available so make sure you book with enough time in advance.

If you are plan to go in a group of 4 people at least one within the group must be an adult over the age of 18.

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