The Gym At Center Parcs – What To Know Before You Go

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It’s no secret that there’s a whole host of activities and things to do at Center Parcs, however, something Helen and I had never looked into until a recent visit with extended family members was the on-site gym.

The gym pass at Center Parcs costs £5.00 per 90-minute session. You can book as many gym sessions as you like during the opening hours of the facilities (8am until 8pm) however, you’ll need to be over the age of 16 to use any of the equipment.

The gym is seen as a Center Parcs activity and therefore needs to be booked either in the ‘my booking’ area on the Center Parcs website or by visiting the Guest Services desk either in the Sports Plaza or in the Village centre.

Where Is The Gym At Center Parcs Located?

While the specific location of the gym is different at each Center Parcs, the gym is always located inside the Sports Plaza.

In addition to the gym, you’ll also find other activities hosted here including; indoor squash, rock climbing and roller skating.

The Sports Plaza is clearly marked on the map you’re given upon your arrival at the village and will appear on the majority of the signposts.

Once inside the Sports Plaza, you’ll need to head to the booking desk to check in for your gym session. The staff will then provide you with a passcode to enter the gym area (which is behind a locked door within the Sports Plaza).

I’d recommend leaving your lodge with plenty of time if you’ve not been to the Sports Plaza before as the distance on the map can be deceiving and it’s easy to get lost on your first visit.

How To Book A Gym Session

You can book a session at the gym either online in the ‘my booking’ area or at the Guest Services desk.

There are two guest services in every village which will be pointed out on the map. One is usually located inside the Sports Plaza and another inside or near the village centre.

Gym sessions aren’t as popular as some of the other activities at Centre Parcs so it’s not always necessary to book in advance.

However, if you want to reserve a specific time (especially if you’re wanting to go in the morning before 11am) then I’d suggest booking online in advance.

What Equipment Is Inside The Gym?

The majority of the equipment inside the gym area is cardio-based with a couple of weight-based machines. There’s no weight bench or lifting area.

There are three main cardio machines such as treadmills, bikes and ellipticals. All of which are incredibly modern, clean and come with entertainment systems and easy to use functions.

There’s also a handful of lockers at the gym entrance which can be used to store your belongings while you’re exercising as well as a shower and changing room.

We didn’t use the shower and changing room and instead went back to our lodge which was nearby.

Put together a Center Parcs packing list in advance, to avoid forgetting essential gym equipment you might need (i.e. headphones, water bottle etc.)

It’s worth noting that there’s one staff member who comes in occasionally to check on the machines and wipe them down but otherwise this is very much an independent activity. Instructions are on the machines should they be required.


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