9 Tips To Help You Save Money At Center Parcs

Thinking about visiting Center Parcs but put off by the high prices?

I’d wanted to visit Center Parcs for over a decade, however, I simply ruled it multiple times out when I found that the cost of visiting was equal to five nights all-inclusive in a resort in Europe.

Luckily, thanks to some hints and tips from friends and loyal fans of Center Parcs I managed to get a reduced rate. Since then we’ve been using these cost-cutting measures to visit Center Parcs multiple times a year.

In this post, I’ll be discussing how to save money at Center Parcs and while not all of these strategies might be right for you, you’ll likely find one or two things you can do which can save you hundreds of pounds of your trip.

Visit Center Parcs When The Cost Of Accommodation Is Reduced

One of the largest expenses you’ll run into when booking a holiday to Center Parcs is the accommodation. In some cases, the cost of visiting can be the equivalent of going to an all-inclusive resort in Spain for five nights.

However, there are cheaper times to visit Center Parcs which can save you up to half off the peak prices.

Avoid The School Holidays

Of course, the first rule when it comes to saving money on any holiday either in the UK or abroad is to avoid the school holidays and Center Parcs is no different.

In fact, the difference between the week before the school holidays and the week of the school holidays in the pricing charts for Center Parcs is one I see often shared between friends and family in sheer horror and disgust.

An while I totally agree, it’s supply and demand and so many of us with little choice do have to pay those premium costs or take children out of school and risk getting a fine as a result.

However, you’ll save at least 50% by going outside of the school holidays (when compared to visiting in the school holidays).

The exact savings will depend on the type of property you choose to stay in during your visit to Center Parcs.

For example, if you stay in a one-bed cottage you may only save £400 however if you’re staying in a treehouse the savings will be in the thousands.

Don’t Go At Christmas

There’s no doubt that visiting Center Parcs at Christmas is magical, however that magic comes at a price.

As an example to stay in one of the one-bedroom apartments it costs around £500 more the week of Christmas when compared to a ‘standard’ week.

Again, this is for the cheapest property at Center Parcs. The one-bedroomed apartments.

The difference in price for larger properties is in the thousands once again.

If you do want to go during the Christmas period, then the cheapest time to do so is the first couple of weeks of January.

Alternatively, the first few weeks of December are also much cheaper than over the Christmas period.

Personally, I feel that visiting Centre Parcs on these more affordable dates during the same period still comes with 80% of the magic of visiting over Christmas Day or New Years itself.

An probably with less of the hassle too!

Avoid Weekend Breaks

I appreciate this isn’t specifically ‘time of year’ related, however, based on personal experience I’ve found that it costs around the same amount to visit Center Parcs from Monday to Friday (midweek break) as it does from Friday to Monday (weekend break).

As a result, you get longer at Center Parcs and it’s likely to cost less money!

Take for example this midweek break in August where these 4 nights cost £359.

However, that Friday if you were to come for 3 nights over the weekend it would cost £329.

So the extra one night by staying midweek in this example costs just £30.

Another way of looking at it is that the cost per night of visiting midweek is £89.75 based on this example.

Whereby the cost per night of visiting over the weekend is £109.66 in this example.

Staying In Appartments & New Style Lodges Instead Of Executive Lodges & Treehouses

There’s a variety of different accommodation options available at Center Parcs to accommodate those travelling solo, as a couple right up to those travelling as a family or small group.

Depending on the resort you visit you’ll likely find that the accommodation options split into four price categories;

  1. Appartments
  2. New Style Lodges
  3. Executive Lodges
  4. Treehouses

Appartments are the cheapest form of accommodation at Center Parcs and are often in a building block rather than situated independently within the woodland. They are suitable for up to three people.

New Style Lodges can sleep up to eight people in total and come with anything one to four bedrooms. These are the entry-level lodges at Center Parcs and come with basic features., As such you’ll tend to find they cost around £100 more than an apartment (for a one or two-bedroom depending on the time of year).

Next, you have executive lodges these are either a two-bedroom, three-bedroom or four-bedroom lodge and have additional space and additional features when compared to the standard or new style lodges. These additional features can include a games room, hot tub or a sauna.

Unsurprisingly all this comes at an additional cost of around £200 – £500 depending on the size of the lodge, the additional extras included (i.e. hot tub, sauna etc.) and the time of year your visiting when compared to a standard or new style lodge.

Finally, there are treehouses. These are the high-end of accommodation at Center Parcs and I believe are all four bedrooms as standard (accommodating up to six people). The treehouses retail for between £1,500 and £5,000 depending on the time of year you’re looking to visit.

The treehouses are set in convenient locations near the main services area of the park but also discussed and spaced out giving you plenty of room and privacy during your visit. They come with private parking spaces outside of your apartment (instead of you having to unload and then move your car to the standard car park).

The treehouse accommodation at Center Parcs is also more spacious indoors and includes additional features such as a sauna, hot tub and games room.

During the peak season, a family looking for a four-bedroom lodge could save up to £3,500 by staying in a standard or new style four-bedroom lodge instead of one of the treehouses.

Assessing the needs of your stay and the people you’re travelling with should help you to ensure that you’re going to stay in a style of accommodation that is both fitting and affordable. I know friends who’ve stayed in executive lodges but actually never found the time to use the facilities such as the games room or sauna.

In this case, the additional £200 or so could have been used on additional fun on-site activities instead.

Bring Your Own Bike

While you can walk around the grounds of Center Parcs, we’ve found it easier to cycle. Especially if you’re staying further away from Guest Services etc.

You have two options when it comes to cycling at Center Parcs;

You can either bring your own bike from home with you, using a bike rack or depending on the size and available space in your car by simply popping it in the boot.

Alternatively, you can hire a bike upon your arrival at Center Parcs. Simply pick it up when you arrive on-site and drop it off before you return home.

Unsurprisingly however, hiking a bike at Center Parcs does cost money and doesn’t come cheap.

While the prices vary depending on the type of bike and accessories (i.e. helmet) you choose to hire, as a rough rule of thumb, we’ve found it costs £30 to hire a bike for one week and an additional £30 deposit which will be returned to you upon the safe return of the bike at the end of your stay.

If you plan to visit Center Parcs as a couple then hiring two bikes is likely to set you back £60 which is a similar cost to a bike rack. So if that’s what’s putting you off bringing your bikes to Center Parcs then I’d opt to purchase than instead and you then have the bike rack for future visits.

Don’t Buy Food On-Site

While the on-site grocery store at Center Parcs has a wide variety of foods, toiletries, magazines and gifts it should come as no surprise that the price of items is between 10% and 30% higher than at alternative-mainstream supermarkets (i.e. Tesco, Lidl, Aldi, Asda etc.)

We’ve therefore always opted to stop at a supermarket on the way to Supermarket (usually around 10 miles from the park so nothing melts between the supermarket and arriving at the lodge).

The same applies to the Center Parcs food packs which can be purchase during the booking process. We compared the cost of the same items in this pack to the likes of Tesco, Aldi and Asda and unsurprisingly found that the supermarkets were significantly cheaper.

Depending on how many people are travelling and how long you’re staying at the resort, this can save you anything from £30 to £100 per person.

Opt For Cheaper Or Free Activities

There are hundreds of different activities to choose from at Center Parcs, which is one of the main reasons families fall in love with the resort (there really is something for everyone).

However, the price of activity can vary significantly. For example, 9 holes of adventure golf costs £7.00 meanwhile 15 minutes on a Quad bike is £35.00 and 45 minutes clay shooting is £29.00.

Looking at the activities available at the Center Parcs resort your visiting (as some have different activities than others) and planning to substitute some of the more expensive activities with cheaper ones is a great way to still have a fun and entertaining holiday and save anything from £80 – £300.

Don’t forget that there are some free activities at Center Parcs too. This includes access to the swimming pool (although lockers and swimming lessons are extra), the evening disco (often heald near the bowling alley and bar) and walking the grounds of the resort in which you’ll have the chance to see a range of wildlife including a variety of birds, ducks and sometimes deer.

Compare All Center Parcs Resorts

The price between Center Parcs resorts can vary, even when you’re looking at the same dates and the same style of accommodation.

For basic new-style lodges, I’ve found this to be anything from £50 to £250 difference however, for executive lodges and treehouses the difference can be up to £1,000.

For example at Sherwood Forest on the 17th May, the treehouse is £2,699 however, it’s only £2,399 at Whinfell.

Obviously it’s just important that you check the distance from your home (and therefore the additional travel costs) to ensure that opting for a cheaper resort isn’t a false economy.

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