Center Parcs For Adults – What You Need To Know!

Center Parcs is a fantastic brand that offers a wide range of holiday villages in the UK and across Europe.

However, Center Parcs is predominantly a family destination. Therefore there are no adults-only Center Parcs villages or a dedicated area in any of the Center Parcs villages reserved just for adults.

That being said, Center Parcs is still a great place for a couple’s break whether that just be for a fun getaway, babymoon or honeymoon.

Is There An Adults-Only Center Parcs Village Or Area?

Sadly, there isn’t an adults-only Center Parc village or a dedicated area in any of the Center Parcs villages reserved just for adults.

Instead, Center Parcs was predominantly designed as a family-based holiday.

However, this doesn’t mean that adults need children in order to visit Center Parcs or won’t enjoy visiting a Center Parcs village without children.

Is Center Parcs Good For Couples?

We have visited Center Parcs as a couple several times before having children and found it to be an incredibly relaxing, and fun break.

What’s great about Center Parcs is the range of both indoor and outdoor activities available.

While Center Parcs predominantly markets itself as an outdoor village destination, there are still plenty of things to do that aren’t outdoor or sports based.

This includes;

  • Visiting the spa
  • Pottery painting
  • Willow weaving

It’s this that actually made Center Parcs the destination of choice for our babymoon.

However, the lodges at Center Parcs may make it so that you don’t even want to leave your accommodation during your visit – and that’s totally understandable.

A Center Parcs lodge can include a variety of facilities and amenities, such as;

  • Sauna
  • Steam room
  • Hot tub
  • Games room
  • Hydrobath

Better still, a wide range of award-winning on-site restaurants will deliver delicious food direct to your lodge.

There are however a couple of things we would suggest if you’re looking to minimise the number of children and families you encounter during your trip to Center Parcs;

  • Avoid visiting during the school holidays
  • Avoid visiting on weekends
  • Go on activities later in the evening
  • Dine after 7pm

However, as we mentioned Center Parcs is predominantly a family destination, therefore, avoiding children altogether is impossible – and if that’s what you’re looking for from a UK break then visiting Center Parcs might not be right for you.

Which Center Parcs Is Best For Adults?

While certain Center Parcs villages are on the whole better than others, we don’t believe that any of the major differentiating factors impact an adults-only break.

Given this, we wouldn’t recommend one particular Center Parcs village over for adults and instead would recommend simply visiting the Center Parcs village that’s closest to you.

Is Center Parcs Good For A Stag Or Hen Weekend?

Center Parcs is a family-orientated holiday and as such does not encourage traditional Stag or Hen parties and does not offer any types of packages for these groups.

That being said, Helen has gone on a hen weekend to Center Parcs in the past.

However, it wasn’t your traditional hen party in the sense that there was a lot of drinking or dressing up (anything that would represent a traditional Hen party).

Instead, it was predominantly just a girl’s weekend of relaxing in the spa, dining on take-out food from the on-site restaurants and playing board games (that they’d brought with them on the trip) inside the lodge.

Ultimately, Center Parcs isn’t going to stop a group of adults from entering the village.

However, should that group of adults dress or act in a way that is deemed inappropriate, or outside of the rules and terms of the Center Parcs village then they will likely be asked to leave.

Security on-site in all Center Parcs villages operates 24 hours a day and is very thorough, and given the lack of nightlife at Center Parcs catering to traditional Hen or Stag parties it’s not somewhere we would recommend staying anyway.

Is Center Parcs Good For A Honeymoon?

After our wedding abroad with family and friends, we came back to the UK ready to spend some time together, alone as a newlywed couple and chose Center Parcs as that destination.

Therefore we speak from experience when we say that Center Parcs is a fantastic honeymoon destination.

Personally, we spent the majority of the five days relaxing inside the lodge, ordering take-out and enjoying one another’s company.

However, depending on what you enjoy doing as a couple you may look to other activities that the Center Parcs villages have to offer.

In terms of accommodation, sadly Center Parcs does not offer any dedicated honeymoon lodges. However, we would personally recommend booking a lodge with a hot tub or sauna depending on your preferences.


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  1. thanks, this is so helpful, it’s hard to find info tailored for child-free couples in the center parcs website.