Center Parcs For Couples – What You Need To Know!

Are you wondering whether to book a trip to Center Parcs and is it worth it for couples?

Center Parcs is a holiday park/resort in the UK, with multiple locations to choose from it is easily convenient for many wanting to get away and having a relaxing but fun holiday. While many people know Center Parcs as a family-based holiday resort they might not know the things you can do there as a couple.

Center Parcs is a great place for couples to go for a long weekend or week of relaxing or fun-filled adventure. There are many activities and places in which couples can go and enjoy what Center Parcs has to offer. You can find accommodation that is suited to 2 people along with Aqua Sana Spa.

While there are primarily going to be children and families, even the odd dog or two it doesn’t mean you have to rule it out altogether. There are so many reasons in which we feel Center Parcs is good for couples and we will cover those in this article.

Is There A Center Parcs For Adults?

No, there is no single location which is for adults only. Though this shouldn’t stop you from heading to any of the Center Parcs locations to enjoy an adults-only trip, read on to find out all the amazing and fun things you can do at Center Parcs without children.

Which Center Parcs Is Best For Adults?

Honestly, any of them. They are all very similar in terms of what you get and their services, the only differences are that some of the locations may have more or less and different restaurants/shops.

There are no definitive Center Parcs locations which are more suitable to adults, that is more of personal preference and also depending on how far you want to drive. Each Center Parcs location is different and has different services to offer so it’s all about finding the best for you.

Is Center Parcs Good For Couples?

So now you might be asking is Center Parcs good for couples? In my opinion yes it is.

Center Parcs is good for couples due to the many different activities that are adults-only, for older teens and adults or that are inclusive to adults and not just children. Not to mention the many quieter locations in which you can go enjoy a peaceful drink, stroll along the woodland paths and enjoy a quiet night in your lodge.

We were lucky enough to win some vouchers to use at Center Parcs which led us to book a week-long break for our honeymoon at Sherwood Forest. We loved our trip and found so many different activities we could do that were perfect for couples and adults.

If you are looking to book a week-long or even weekend getaway for you and your other half, it is worth it. Personally, you don’t have to be an outdoorsy person or adventure nerd to enjoy Center Parcs as there is so much more you can do there.

Here are some of the reasons we feel Center Parcs is good for couples;

Lodges Are Quiet & Secluded

The lodges are very well made, we found that our 1-bed lodge was located in a block of 3. The three lodges were lined up like a terraced house. Once you get into your own lodge you forget that there are others around you. As the lodges are made in a tier system they angle the previous or next building away from your lodge making it feel secluded and quiet.

That way you don’t have any mishaps with neighbours seeing into your lodge and it gives you a sense of peace and privacy.

During our trip we were located between 2 families, we didn’t hear a thing during our whole week. The design of the layout and the accommodation itself is very clever as to make you feel like your in a lonely little cabin in the woods.

At the back of the lodge, you will find sliding doors that open to bring the outside in. The built-up tall trees and vast greenery is peaceful and can make you forget you are in a resort with other people.

Endless Activities

You might initially browse the list of activities and think it is all for children, it doesn’t have to be. We found so many things we wanted to do but unfortunately, ran out of time on our first visit. There are endless activities you can do that are fun, new and exciting.

Some of the activites are labelled as adults only or have an age limit but that doesn’t have to stop you from joining the fun on any of the activities. One we really enjoyed was pottery painting, we saw many parents sitting in the studio alone or with children enjoying the slow paced activity.

Many of the adults had taken over from the kids after they got bored or stuck. This is a great activity as there is such a wide choice of ornaments, bowls and more that you can paint.

We found a cute little fairy house and a bowl to do, you can pick any colour and style you want to create and it is very relaxing. Make sure you do this a day or 2 before you go home as the paint needs to go into the kiln and set before you can take it home.

There are plenty more such as bowling on an evening, endless sports you can do from tennis and badminton. There are nature trails and bike riding which are free unless you hire a bike. Initially, it depends on what you want to do and what you enjoy, we decided to do a variety of things to see what we might like to do again or try something new next time.

Cosy Dining In Options

Something we really took advantage of was the dine-in options at the lodges. This is essentially a takeaway but from one of the onsite restaurants. There is a menu and number to ring in a leaflet within the lodge that you can browse at your own leisure.

We loved this option as it meant we could snuggle up in our lodge, watch tv and enjoy a nice meal in our PJs. You don’t necessarily have to use this option if you prefer going out for dinner but we loved being able to chill and relax at our lodge with good food.

The service is really easy to use and you can pay by cash, card or with vouchers (just make sure they know your paying with vouchers before they arrive).

Plenty Of Dining Out Options

We were quite amazed at how many places there were to dine out during our week. Whether you are looking at going somewhere casual for a quick bite, somewhere for lunch or even an indulgent breakfast there is a place for it.

Center Parcs has an onsite Starbucks so you don’t even have to go without your coffee fix to get you through the day. One place I would recommend in the Rajinda Pradesh which is in 3 of the locations in the UK, it is great quality food and a nice place to dine out (we also dined at home with this restaurant).

Whether you are looking to dress up and enjoy the night or simply find somewhere nice to enjoy an evening out together there is plenty to choose from. I would recommend heading to the pancake house for a breakfast or lunch treat as they are scrumptious.

Keep in mind, during peak times you may need to book a table. You can do this at any of the guest services spots around the village.

Tips To Make Your Center Parcs Visit Better

While these aren’t some of the big reasons to go to Center Parcs as a couple, they certainly make the trip better. We found certain pockets of time where the village or the pool area would be quieter, things to do that weren’t as busy or popular and alternative things to see and do.

These are our top tips to help make your couples trip to Center Parcs even better!

Go Swimming In The Later Evening

A great tip that a friend told me was to go swimming later on in the evening, as many of the children and families will be back at their lodges ready for bed. You can take the advantage of the quieter hours by going for a late evening swim and find more space and relax.

Indoor swimming pool facilities at center parcs longleat

Within most of the swimming areas in the Center Parcs locations, you can find hot tubs, large swimming pools, special areas for infants and babies and even water rides for the bigger kids (that includes adults too, who doesn’t love a water ride!)

The swimming pool is open from 10 am to 9 pm so there is plenty of time to turn up and enjoy a swim at a leisurely pace.

Take Advantage Of Aqua Sana

Aqua Sana is the onsite spa and treatment area, it is a separate building away from the main village area so it is peaceful and secluded. Here you have to be 14 years or over, you might think you will see loads of teens, when I have been I didn’t see one.

If you do, the price of the spa and treatments often means it is a special treat for that teen and they are acting respectfully.

When I went for my friends’ hen party we booked in to have a special treatment and full use of the spa and sauna rooms. Unfortunately, at the time the weather was horrendous and so many of the staff couldn’t get in for the treatments so we just had the use of the spa.

The spa and treatments are fantastic and well worth checking out if you wish to have a relaxing afternoon. You can have a minimum which means you can use the saunas and pool areas but treatments are extra or booked separately.

If you are looking to have an ultimate couples week away then this is the thing for you. You can get special treatments for you and your partner to relax together or split up and enjoy the pool and saunas at your own pace. You can even have a manicure and pedicure before having a nice evening out.

Have A Welcome Pack Waiting At Your Lodge

When we were looking to book our trip to Center Parcs we had to ring the booking department so we could use our vouchers. When we were choosing our lodge and the dates, we were asked if we would like a welcome pack. As it was our first time going to Center Parcs we had no idea what this was, until it was explained to us and as we were going for our honeymoon we decided to get the pack.

There are a number of welcome packs you can choose from to cover your needs and occasion. We chose the family grocery pack as we were staying for a week and wanted to have plenty of food and snacks to keep us going. There are smaller packs if you are only going for the weekend and even packs for breakfasts, adults celebration pack that includes cake and prosecco and more.

We really enjoyed this added feature to our booking as it meant we could just arrive and get settled and not have to think about shopping before we went into the resort or shopping when we got there.

Eat At A Later Hour

Eating out can be a great way of enjoying the surroundings of the resort and getting out and having someone else cook for you. As many people go to Center Parcs with children and families you think it would be incredibly busy, it can often be the opposite.

Chicken Tikka Masala and rice at Center Parcs Longleat

Many people will eat earlier in the restaurants so they can get back to their lodge and put the children to bed at a decent hour, past 6 pm -7 pm you can find that the restaurants will be much quieter. Also, many families take their own food to cook in their lodge to save money and so they can relax a little more.

Get A Lodge With A Hot Tub

Personally, we haven’t had a lodge with a hot tub yet but it is something that many of our friends who go frequently have done and recommend. This is a great idea if you are looking for adding that extra sense of luxury to your trip or to make it a little more special.

Whether you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary or even there on your honeymoon this is a great idea. You can have the peace and tranquillity of the forest and woodland around you while you soak in a hot tub with a glass of wine.

Get Crackle Fire Logs

We loved loved loved the crackle fire logs, you can buy them before you go to Center Parcs or within Parc Market on-site (buying beforehand can help you save money by not buying at the parc market) Our first night was a little cold so we decided to curl up in our lodge with the fire on, Indian take away and some TV.

If you are visiting Center Parcs during the colder months of the year then using the fire logs is just dreamy. You can sit on the sofa watching tv, playing board games or reading a book with the soft glow of the fire in the background.

What we loved was being able to sit and see right out the back sliding doors to the forest and woodland watching the ducks and squirrels come and go while we sat snug by the fire. Though it isn’t essential it is such a nice way to enjoy the cold evenings.

Book Activities For Late Afternoon/Evening

While you might not want to do some of the activities in the evening there are some that would be amazing to do. Many of the activities are for 1-2 hours long so they are booked in slots of time. You can book beforehand or while you are there.

One of the activities we chose to do was willow weaving, we booked it for later in the afternoon/early evening so we could spend the day relaxing and exploring the woods. We made our way to the workshop where it was really quiet and tranquil, we found that we were the only ones booked onto the activity.

We had the tutor to ourselves and it was lovely, we got to have her full attention and got to ask plenty of questions about the wildlife. There is no guarantee that you will get this again but it is worth keeping in mind that many families will be eating and getting ready for bedtimes late afternoon/early evening.

If you can book activities during these times you may find them quieter and have fewer people taking part. Also, try looking over lunchtime as many will stop to have lunch and so activities might not be as busy.

Book During School Term

A massive tip whether you are booking Center Parcs as a couple or as a family/group is to book during school term time. The prices are much lower and more reasonable for what you are getting. This is probably our best tip as you can definitely have less competition for activities, swimming space and less crowds which make it more relaxing.

We also feel it can be a much nicer time for couples to go to Center Parcs as there is a higher chance there is less children and families.

We all know it is hard for parents to have a decent holiday and not have to pay ridiculous prices due to school holidays they have to go through school term time. So you might find a fair few families still booking to go away even in school term time because it is so much cheaper!

Don’t let this put you off because there is still plenty of chance that you could go and there be hardly anyone around. Also due to the lodges and accommodation being secluded and fairly private you could spend your week hardly seeing another guest.

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