Center Parcs For Couples – What You Need To Know!

Center Parcs is a holiday park/resort in the UK with multiple locations to choose from; it is easily convenient for many wanting to get away and having a relaxing but fun holiday. While many people know Center Parcs as a family-based holiday resort, they might not know the things you can do there as a couple.

Center Parcs is a great place for couples to go for a long weekend or week of relaxing or fun-filled adventure. There are many activities and areas where couples can enjoy what Center Parcs has to offer. You can find accommodation that is suited to 2 people along with Aqua Sana Spa.

While there are primarily children and families, even the odd dog or two, it doesn’t mean you have to rule it out altogether. There are so many reasons we feel Center Parcs is good for couples, and we will cover those in this article.

Which Center Parcs Is Best For Adults?

Honestly, any of the Center Parcs locations are suitable for couples. They are all very similar in terms of what you get and their services, and the only differences are that some of the Center Parcs locations may have more or less and different restaurants/shops.

There are no definitive Center Parcs locations that are more suitable to adults, which is more of personal preference and also depending on how far you want to drive.

Is Center Parcs Good For Couples?

Center Parcs is a great getaway location for couples thanks to the incredible location and the variety of activities available.

It’s also worth noting that you don’t have to be an ‘outdoorsy’ person to enjoy Center Parcs either. Plenty of adults go on breaks to Center Parcs to enjoy the wildlife, the luxury spa or to go swim in the on-site pool.

Be sure to book any of the more popular activities so you don’t miss out during your stay. Alternatively, if you aren’t looking to swing from the trees or even paint a piece of pottery to take home you can simply hire bikes and enjoy riding around the park that way.

We also found it a great place to head on a babymoon and found just as many activities and things to do while pregnant at Center Parcs.

Here’s why we think Center Parcs is a great getaway location for couples;

Lodges Are Quiet & Secluded

The lodges are very well made, we found that our 1-bed lodge was located in a block of 3. The three lodges were lined up like a terraced house.

Once you get into your own lodge you forget that there are others around you. As the lodges are made in a tier system they angle the previous or next building away from your lodge making it feel secluded and quiet.

During our trip we were located between 2 families, we didn’t hear a thing during our whole week. The design of the layout and the accommodation itself is very clever as to make you feel like you are in a lonely little cabin in the woods.

At the back of the lodge, you will find sliding doors that open to bring the outside in. The built-up tall trees and vast greenery is peaceful and can make you forget you are in a resort with other people. You can of course upgrade your lodge from a woodland to an executive lodge to make your trip even more special.

Endless Activities

There’s a whole host of activities for you to choose from when visiting Center Parcs. From pottery painting and willow weaving through to treetop adventures and climbing walls, there really is something for everyone.

Many activities have age restrictions imposed for health and safety purposes too. So if you’re looking to go on an adult-only adventure look for one with an age requirement of 14+ or 18+.

Some of our favourite activities to do together as a couple include; pottery painting, willow weaving, swimming and cycling. There are also a whole host of free things to do at Center Parcs if you are looking to save money during your stay at

Though some of the activities require you to dress in comfortable clothing or trainers so make sure to take note of your activities when packing for your Center Parcs trip.

Great Dining Options

Center Parcs has a wide range of dining options from the Pancake House and Hucks Bar and Grill to well-known names such as Bella Italia and Café Rouge.

Whether you’re looking to simply get out of cooking and washing up back at the lodge, or looking to try something new there’s a dining option for everyone.

Although it’s worth booking your table in advance online. Especially during school holidays and if you’re planning on visiting at peak times (i.e. 5pm through to 8pm).

Tips To Make Your Couples Trip To Center Parcs Even Better

Having visited Center Parcs five times in the last four years now there’s a handful of tips that we’ve found make a trip to the resort a couple even more enjoyable;

Go Swimming In The Later Evening

A great tip that a friend told me was to go swimming later on in the evening, as many of the children and families will be back at their lodges ready for bed. You can take the advantage of the quieter hours by going for a late evening swim and find more space and relax.

Within most of the swimming areas in the Center Parcs locations, you can find hot tubs, large swimming pools, special areas for infants and babies and even water rides for the bigger kids (that includes adults too, who doesn’t love a water ride!)

The swimming pool is open from 10 am to 9 pm so there is plenty of time to turn up and enjoy a swim at a leisurely pace.

Take Advantage Of Aqua Sana

Aqua Sana is the onsite spa and treatment area, it is a separate building away from the main village area so it is peaceful and secluded. Treatments can be booked online in advance, or at the Aqua Sana Spa upon your arrival.

Over the years we’ve had everything from pregnancy massages and facials through to manicures and pedicures here and it’s all been absolutely incredible.

If you are not looking at staying at Center Parcs specifically but are visiting a city nearby you can opt to get a day pass for Center Parcs or visit Aqua Sana.

Have A Welcome Pack Waiting At Your Lodge

There are a number of welcome packs you can choose from. While these are inflated compared to the cost of going to the local supermarket we found the convenience of having the essentials there for us when we arrived to be a worthwhile investment.

These welcome packs can be added to your booking the same way you’d book activities or reserve a table at a restaurant.

Eat At A Later Hour

Eating an hour later than usual can be a fantastic way of enjoying the benefits of eating out without the hustle and bustle of a busy restaurant.

Many families with young children will opt to eat dinner at the restaurants between 5pm and 6pm so they can go back and put the children to bed early. As a result, you’ll often find that during off-peak times the restaurants are significantly quieter past 6pm.

This is also the case for much of the evening entertainment at Center Parcs with many families back home in their lodges the bar area is often very quiet and relaxing.

Book Activities For Late Afternoon/Evening

While not all activities are available after 5pm, those that are tend to be significantly quieter. That’s because many families choose to get out early and fill the day before going back late afternoon / early evening for dinner.

Therefore you’ll likely find a significant increase in the availability of activities in the evening. You can even double-check this by seeing what spaces are available using the Center Parcs website booking portal.

Book During School Term

Booking a break to Center Parcs during term time means that the park is generally quieter. However, this isn’t the only benefit as you’ll often find that the cost of going to Center Parcs during term time is significantly cheaper.

This allows you to either save money at Center Parcs for activities, stay on-site for longer or upgrade to a more luxurious lodge. Though we believe a trip to Center Parcs is worth it at any time of the year.

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